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B1.3 mechanics course

ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN for a B1.3 (Super Puma) category mechanics course for Part-66 approved "type rating" (full licensed writing course, not just the familiarization course).

Start: February 21st, 2022

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New helicopter

We are pleased to inform you that in September 2021, directly from Canada, another helicopter has arrived at Heli-TV, a first in Switzerland: a Bell 205A1++ (with 212++ blades)! It is a heavy helicopter that will be used exclusively for the transport of material, mainly timber, and that reaches a range of over 2,000 kg compared to the 1,200 kg of the Ecureuil. Very interesting is the price-performance ratio compared to other heavy helicopters.

Some of our pilots have already been trained on this helicopter. At the moment, we are completing the maintenance work in preparation for the flight, which is estimated to be by March 2022. The maintenance will be carried out in Lodrino, directly in house, by our technical service.

Great synergy, great offer for all needs! New updates soon.