SA 315B Lama - HB-XRD

This light helicopter is very popular because of its versatility and it is used in lots of assignments involving the use of the external sling, for example, deforestation. The hook has a high load bearing capacity; it can carry approximately its own weight. It is unique with its welded steel tube lattice structure and plexiglass cockpit. The propulsion unit is a turboshaft Turbomeca Artouste IIIB engine, which has a centrifugal clutch, meaning it can stop the rotor while keeping the turbine switched on to a minimum. Flight controls are assisted by hydraulic actuators through connections with rods. Manufacturer: Airbus (France)


Max weight: 1 950 kg
1 Turbomeca Artouste III B1
Engine power on take-off: 640 kW
Maximum speed (VNE): 209 km/h
Total number of passengers (including the pilot): 5