Heli-TV SA, with its headquarters in the southern area of the vast and varied airfield complex of Lodrino, has played such an important role in the history and socio-economic development of the country from around the middle of the last century. It was thanks to the ambition and entrepreneurship of John Frapolli that the company was founded, with the aim of resolving the problems relating to every kind of transportation.

Today it is this Ticino-based company that manages the transportation tasks completed by helicopters and, in this context, it undoubtedly holds an extremely important role in the transfer of goods, installation of power lines and prefabricated houses, logging operations, felling of trees in clusters, as well as in all those fields where the use of the helicopter turns out to be not just useful but often indispensable.

Heli-TV SA was founded in the late 1970s in the Canton of Fribourg. It was later purchased by John Frapolli in 1984. Since then Heli-TV SA has expanded greatly in Ticino and North of the Alps, firstly at Lugano Airport and then at the military airport in Lodrino since 1994, making it the leading company in the transport of goods, installation of power lines and prefabricated houses, felling of trees and logging operations in urban settings, as well as in many other areas where the use of helicopters has proven to be indispensable.

During all its years of business, Heli-TV SA has never stopped developing its two main objectives with relentless tenacity and dynamism: firstly, the training of young pilots from Ticino to the highest standards and secondly, ensuring complete independence from competing firms with the aim of finding the right price. Currently, Heli-TV SA employs about 30 full-time members of staff and around fifteen support members of staff; all the employees attend regular updating training sessions and carry out their job with a high level of competence and professionalism.