People transport

We are often used to seeing helicopters as the one and only means of getting a job done, from pulling pallets to timber logging and extinguishing fires. But there is nothing that can even come close to the wonderful feeling you get when on a sightseeing tour in a helicopter. A helicopter flight is an experience you will struggle to forget. Everyone can join in a flight of just a few minutes to a few hours - and you are 100% guaranteed to find it thrilling. From flights over our lakes, to flights over our beautiful mountains, for a gift or a special event. You can fly together with HELI TV to destinations in Switzerland or abroad for VIP flights or holidays. We look forward to providing you with the best!

People transport

There are so many destinations to choose from for our people transport flights: from simple tourist flights to landings at official mountain sites (MOU), transporting workers to construction sites on top of mountains as far as the mountains of Ticino. We also offer transfers from one airport to another (special flights).

Dining flights

A unique way to start off an exceptional dining experience. We shall escort you by helicopter to a mountain restaurant, to a farmhouse at the nearby peninsula or to a castle in Tuscany or the Loire. For a business lunch or a get-together with your family and friends, enjoy a special moment, savour genuine delicacies or take part in a wine tasting session at a castle. Why not escape from the humdrum of everyday life to enjoy the beauty of an atmosphere and a magical setting, and on the way you can admire the beautiful view during the flight.


Arrive at your favourite ski resort in true VIP style by flying directly from your home to the ski slopes in an ultra modern helicopter. Direct flights from Lodrino or from any other airport or place of your choice to the ski slopes in the upper Engadine, Flims-Laax in Graub√ľnden or (thanks to the helicopter!) the nearby resort of Valais. Stay for the whole day, enjoy the winter wonderland, the sun and the vast slopes of the ski resort. In the evening our crew will bring you back safely to your original place of departure.

Scenic flights

Enjoy the flight and the view from the cockpit of a helicopter and experience the beauty of Ticino from above as you fly over lakes with a Mediterranean feel, rural valleys and fairy tale mountain lakes and then pass over rushing waterfalls and magnificent glaciers. Or you could explore the Alpine region of Switzerland and visit famous places and attractions such as the Matterhorn; during the flight you will pass through the Bernese Alps and you can admire the Aletsch Glacier and the impressive peaks of the Eiger and Jungfrau. The latter is situated at 3580 metres above sea level, making it the highest weather station in Europe that is permanently manned.