Special flights

Special Flights (events, wedding,...)

There are many married couples who have chosen this solution to have an unusual marriage: who is not afraid and want to aim originality why not hire an helicopter for the wedding? Which bride would not want to come to church on board of an helicopter?

Photography and filming

Our latest generation helicopters guarantee the optimal quality of your photo and film images, thanks to the minimum vibration and flight stability which the sferiflex rotor head they use produces.The helicopters are equipped with sliding doors and on request we can mount gyro-stabilized imaging systems (Wescam and similar).

Aerial Survey and Surveillance Flights

Aerial observation from a helicopter allows you to save considerable time and offers the maximum field of view over the territory or the site you want to survey. It is the only way to see the entire vista at almost any moment. In case of security interventions it will often be more rapid than conventional terrestrial responses and also much more flexible since a helicopter can land at almost every site.

Ferry flights, VIP, charter

Enjoy one or more days of pure luxury, forget every day life and immerse yourself in the magical beauty of the Toscana or one of the other magnificent landscapes of the Mediterranean area. Indulge yourself as a VIP and let yourself be guided by our experienced pilots to discover enchanting and unique locations where you can follow your dreams. Enjoy all the beauty and particular atmosphere of the locations. Whatever your desires are; delicious meals, wine tasting, sleeping in a castle, relaxing in a quiet ambience or following the sophisticated lifestyle, our team will be at your complete disposal for advising you personally and organizing your unique and unforgettable dream journey.


Are you thinking about buying a yacht with a helicopter landing facility? Our long experience, as well as consultancy in off-shore operations itself guarantee you professional advice on such considerations as the selection of the optimal helicopter type, the definition of the helideck and the management of the helicopter on board your vessel. Our pilots would look forward to serve you in this most prestigious activity as well as in training your pilots if needed.