Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate Part 145

All our helicopters are subject to rigorous maintenance based on the number of hours flown and time frames. Highly qualified personnel check our helicopters every night.
After more than one year of preparation and tight checks by the Federal Organisation of Civil Aviation, the Heli-TV "Technical Department" on October 16, 2017 received the license Maintenance Organization Approval Certificate Reference nr CH145.0382 in order to carry out any kind of maintenance on its own aircraft as well for third parties, from daily checks to a general review. It is a recognized European-level EASA service station.

Authorization (PDF)

School for helicopter mechanics (Maintenance Training and Examination Organisation Approval Certificate Part 147)

Since January 2022, Heli-TV has also been certified as a school for helicopter mechanics.
After more than thirteen months of preparation and stringent checks by the Civil Aviation Office, Heli-TV "Technical Department" received the Maintenance Training and Examination Organisation Approval Certificate Reference No. CH147.0020 on 22 January 2022 in order to be able to conduct courses and examinations for new helicopter mechanics. This is a European EASA-recognised service station.

Authorization (PDF)

First B1.3 mechanics course: February 21st, 2002

CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization)

The airworthiness management organisation, CAMO, is a system that ensures the continued airworthiness of the aircraft.

Authorization (PDF)

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