Safety instructions

Safety is of primary importance in our company policy. We are committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving strategies and processes to ensure that all of our aeronautical activities are conducted with a balanced distribution of resources, aimed at attaining the highest level of performance security and compliance with national and international regulations.

HELI-TV SA follows strict and careful controls imposed by the standards pertaining to occupational health and safety. All the equipment used (vans, cords, swivel hooks, buckets, tipping tanks, ropes with a load-bearing capacity of 2000 kg, big bag, chains, steel cables, electrical cords, nets of various sizes, bumbi buckets, shackles of various sizes) is inspected and checked by a specialist who works with the highest level of reliability and professionalism to ensure they provide a safe and accurate service for the customer.

The box below can be of interest for our guests to understand where and how to board and get off from the helicopter safely.