BELL 205A1++ - HB-XXU


The Bell 205 A1++ (helicopter designed in Canada for military purposes in 1955, later introduced in the civilian world) as a single turbine with a capacity of up to 2000 kg max on the hook is one of the very few in circulation. If we consider that Airbus' H125 (formerly B3e) can carry an average of 1000 kg, the helicopter used so far for higher loads was only the Super Puma with a maximum capacity of 4500 kg. Between the two helicopters mentioned above, it has never been developed and built a single-turbine helicopter with a range of this magnitude. The only one could be the Kamax (which by the way mounts the same engine as the Bell 205++) which requires a very complicated flight management system and very important in terms of financial charges.

For this reason, Heli-TV has decided to equip itself with a Bell 205 A1++ to cope with all loads between 1,000 and 2,000 kg, without necessarily bothering the Super Puma with higher costs. This helicopter born as Bell 205 A1 today thanks to more suitable and much safer components thanks to the technologies that the Bell company has developed over the last 10 years. In fact, all the mechanical groups as well as the blades and the main rotor head of the Bell 212 were mounted on the structure designed in the past years.There are also several more modern optional equipment derived from the 412. As a result, today it is referred to as the Bell 205++ because it has undergone these modifications.

The tasks it carries out: logging, assembly of roller conveyors and other for ski lifts, extinguishing fire with 1900 lt. bucket, traditional flights up to max 2000 Kg / called special flights, such as assembly or dedicated transport: baggers, cranes, swimming pools, vehicles etc.

Heli-TV can operate in the following countries as authorized by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France.

Max weight: 4760kg
Max external load: 2000 kg
Lycoming T5317B
Engine power on take-off: 1800 hp
Maximum speed (VNE): 190km/h
Cruise speed: 170 km/h
Maximum range: 550km
Total number of passengers (including the pilot): 15