Robinson R22 - HB-ZSD

The Robinson R22 is a single-engine, two-seat, two-bladed rotor light touring helicopter, successfully used as a training helicopter.
Designed in 1973 by Frank Robinson, designer and owner of the company that bears his name, the American Robinson Helicopter Company, he introduced it to the market in 1979 and it is still in production. Its maneuverability qualities make it an appreciated basic trainer, making it the most used model in the world by helicopter flight schools.

The Robinson R22 helicopter has one seat for the instructor and one seat for the student.


Max weight: 620 kg
1 Engine Lycoming (124SHP)
Engine power on take-off: 130 PS
Maximum speed (VNE): 102 kts
Cruise speed: 148 km/h
Maximum range: 2:30h
Total number of passengers (including the pilot): 2