Ferruccio Pozzi

"The HELI-TV has fully satisfied my expectations, even more"

At age 19 I began my career as a flight attendant at HELI-TV. After two years I obtained the license of a professional pilot. At just 21 years old, in 1990, I began my professional pilot adventure (taking more than a few frights!). Today, with only 48 years, I find myself with 20,000 hours of flight experience on several helicopters and 100,000 landings, a national record when you consider the age. The HELI-TV allowed me to born, grow and establish myself. About this company, in the person of Giovanni Frapolli, I have always appreciated the great entrepreneurship, tenacity and dynamism. It is - among other things - the only company in Ticino which has trained most of the pilots of Ticino and for this reason I'm always honored to be part of it, trasmitting also my long experience to younger pilots.

Ferruccio Pozzi
Chief pilot Heli-TV
Instructor pilot
Twin-engine pilot